ICA Membership Benefits

The Institute of Certified Administrators (ICA) members enjoy the following benefits:

ICA National Membership

The pride, prestige and status of belonging to a national organization of administrative professionals and the ONLY Kenya’s national professional administrator’s body granting a designation.


The ICA Journal published 4 times per year and available to all current members.

ICA Training and Seminars

The Institute of Certified Administrators provides opportunities for networking, educational programs, seminars and social events. Earn valuable professional Development Skills by being involved.

ICA National Conference

A conference is held every year providing an opportunity to further administrative related skills, and network with industry peers.

ICA Professional Designations:

  • FICA Fellow Member
  • HFICA Honorary Fellow Member
  • MICA Graduate Member
  • AICA Associate Member
  • AFICA Affiliate Member

Administrative Professionals Employment Programs

ICA will maintain a comprehensive and up to date database of Members having a variety of expertise and skills. The database will be a major reference point for potential employers as this  gives ICA members an opportunity to change jobs based on request from employers


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