Applicant Declaration & Release

  • I hereby submit this application for ICA certification to The Institute of Certified Administrators in accordance with, and subject to, The Institute of Certified Administrators’ standards, rules, policies and procedures. I agree that information provided to The Institute of Certified Administrators during the certification process, including, but not limited to registration, may be used for statistical, research or program improvement initiatives.
  • I agree that any information associated with, or required in, the certification process may be verified by The Institute and I understand that providing false or inaccurate information, not providing required information or violating the rules of certification may result in a disciplinary action.
  • I agree to inform The Institute of circumstantial changes that may affect certification eligibility. I understand that I may be removed from the certification process if it has been determined I have engaged in inappropriate behaviour during administration of the examination or work product assessment. I agree to use the ICA designation status only once I have been advised of the successful completion of the certification process and continued membership.
  • I understand the sensitivities of privacy laws and agree to ensure the privacy and protection of all candidates. The Institute and its representatives can only respond to candidates directly and cannot speak or correspond with anyone calling or writing on a candidate’s behalf.
  • I agree that I have read and understand the certification handbook and confirm I meet the eligibility requirements as outlined in the program requirements.

Fee Structure

  • I understand I will pay a registration fee of the amount specified in the program description.
  • I agree should I not complete my certification within one year of my registration date, I must re-apply.
  • I understand should I not pass my exam I will be responsible for paying a fee to re-write.
  • I understand an administration fee will be charged when an exam testing appointment is cancelled or re-scheduled with less than seven (7) full business days’ notice.
  • I understand an administration fee will be charged when a skill demonstration booking is cancelled or re-scheduled with less than 30 days’ notice.
  • I understand a re-registration fee is charged when a certification candidate wishes to continue the certification process after their one-year period has passed.
  • I understand there is a withdrawal fee when candidates withdraw from the certification process within 30 days of registration, provided the examination has not been written nor the work product submitted.


The Applicant’s Declarations:

  • I, the undersigned, recognize that ICA certifications are awarded solely by The Institute of Certified Administrators. The Institute is also solely responsible for the judgment of my qualifications and certification maintenance. The Institute may, at any time, alter or modify certification standards, requirements for certification and/or rules, policies and procedures relating to the certification process.
  • I agree that my name and contact information will be included in the public directory of certified members of The Institute of Certified Administrators’ website and hereby waive any rights or objections to such listings.
  • The Institute reserves all rights, title and interest in, and to, the names, trademarks, logos, copyrights, applications, and all other intellectual property related to the ICA certification programs. I agree to only use this intellectual property in accordance to The Institute’s policies and to cease using this intellectual property upon the expiration, suspension or termination of my certification.
  • I understand and agree that The Institute does not provide warranties, guarantees, nor make promises or claims regarding the ICA certification programs and I agree not to misrepresent my certification status.
  • I agree to read and follow The Institute’s Code of Ethics and to take full responsibility for the accuracy and validity of my work product submission and that the submission is my own work. My work product submission must not violate copyright, trademark or personal rights of others and will not contain defamatory or unlawful material.
  • I agree that the certification examination questions and answers are the exclusive and confidential property of The Institute and are protected by the Institute’s property rights. I agree not to copy, disclose, publish, reproduce, transmit or discuss the content of the examinations or answers in any form or by any means, verbal or written, electronic or mechanical for any purpose without prior express written permission from The Institute. I attest to completing the examination within the allotted time period, on my own accord.


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