The Institute of Certified Administrators’ Member Code of Ethical Conduct provides guidelines to its members to be self-managed learning and development professionals so that their clients (internal and external) and employers can expect members of the Institute to follow the highest possible standards of personal integrity, professional competence, confidentiality, and discretion.

As a member of The Institute of Certified Administrators, I will adhere to the following:

1.1   I shall support and apply the principles of human rights, equity, dignity and respect, and in particular will not discriminate on the grounds of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, record of offences (as defined in the appropriate jurisdictional Human Rights Code), marital status, family status, or disability.

1.2   I shall keep informed about the profession of administrative management, including the current version of the Institute’s Member Code of Ethical Conduct and the profession’s common body of knowledge, as outlined in the competencies for administrative professionals.

1.3   I shall commit to understanding my learners’ needs, providing a hospitable learning environment and presenting them with accurate information that will enable them to transfer their learning on the job.

1.4   As far as reasonably possible, I shall accommodate my services for clients who are impaired because of disability.

2.1  I shall act in the best interest of the profession.

2.2   I shall be liable for suspension or expulsion from membership when I have behaved in a manner unbecoming to the profession.

2.3  I shall strive to keep current with developments in any area of the profession where I claim specific expertise.

2.4   When I have verifiable evidence that someone has breached the Institute’s Member Code of Ethical Conduct, I will report it.

2.5  I shall refrain from personal gain through improper use of the Institute and its resources.

2.6  I shall act in accordance with the applicable legislation and laws.

2.7  I shall observe all laws and restrictions of copyright and trademarks.

2.8  I shall acknowledge the authors of original material and concepts.

3.1 I shall behave in a manner that maintains the good reputation of the profession and its ability to serve the public interest.

3.2 I will maintain personal and professional growth in the profession by engaging in activities that enhance credibility and value of the profession.

3.3  I shall be liable for “discipline,” “suspension” and/or expulsion from membership when I have behaved in a manner unbecoming to the profession. In such circumstances, I shall reply promptly to any communication from The Institute.

4.1 By successfully completing The Institute’s certification, I have made a strong commitment to this profession as well as the commitments associated with this certification.

4.2 I shall keep my membership in good standing to maintain my certification.

5.1 I shall honour client privacy and not divulge any such information unless authorized by the client or required to do so by law.

5.2 I shall provide high quality service aligned with The Institute’s Member Code of Ethical               Conduct and the profession’s common body of knowledge, as outlined in the                          Competencies for Administrative Professionals.


5.3 I shall offer only services I am qualified and competent to deliver.  I shall recognize any limitations I have in my ability to handle a matter and take steps to ensure the client is appropriately served.

5.4 I shall act in the best interest of my client, providing professional services with integrity, objectivity, and independence. I shall not encourage unrealistic client expectations and provide honest assessments and evaluations when requested.

5.5 I will not adopt any method of obtaining business that detracts from the professional image of The Institute or its members.

5.6 I shall, before accepting an assignment, reach a mutual understanding with the client as to the assignment objectives, scope, work plan, and, if relevant, costs.

5.7 I shall avoid acting simultaneously for two or more clients in potentially conflicting situations without informing all parties in advance and securing their agreement to the arrangement.

5.8 I shall inform a client of any interest that may impair or may be seen to impair my professional judgment.

5.9 I shall refrain from serving a client under terms or conditions that violate any laws within my jurisdiction.


I, _____________________________________, of National Identification card number ________________________  hereby acknowledge that I have carefully read and understood the Institute’s Code of Conduct dated _______________________ .  I agree to faithfully abide by the terms of the Code of Conduct and to discharge my obligations honestly and in good faith and in the best interests of the Institute and the Profession.  I will promptly and fully disclose any violation, activity or personal interest that may impair or affect my judgment or influence my decisions as a professional.  I will use the utmost care, diligence and discretion while performing my duties as a professional.

Dated __________________this ______________________ of ________________,

_____________________         _______________________

Declarant                                            Witness

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