ICA membership is open to all those persons who aspire to distinguish themselves as professional administrators in the industry, and/or in the public service. There are several membership categories available, depending on your academic qualification and years of experience in service. Below is a description of the minimum requirements for ICA membership.

Education and Experience

To be eligible for ICA membership, you must meet certain educational and professional experience requirements before applying. You must have at least, either:

  1. A bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) and one year of the administrative management experience, or
  2. A diploma from a recognized institution, with two years of professional administrative management experience, or
  3. A certificate from a recognized institution, and three years of professional administrative management experience.

Code of Ethical Norms and Values

If you meet the education and experience requirement in (a) above, you will then be required to read and sign the ICA statement of ethical norms and values, indicating that you agree with them. To be eligible for ICA membership, you must adhere and be committed to ethical and professional conduct. You must also be asked to re-verify your adherence at the testing and certification center prior to starting your certification exam.

Administrative Professionals Employment Programs

ICA will maintain a comprehensive and up to date database of Members having a variety of expertise and skills. The database will be a major reference point for potential employers as this  gives ICA members an opportunity to change jobs based on request from employers


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