New knowledge keeps the world alive. Books and libraries, both hard copies and digital contents aids the learning activities to all those who keeping seeking for new knowledge. They say that the readers of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and this has proved to be true all the time.

ICA seeks to ensure that all its members are up to date in all the relevant facets of administrative knowledge. This is done through references to already existing knowledge, or through the development of new knowledge through research and publications.


At the moment, ICA is coordinating a number of content development activities that will eventually be put together as handbooks that cover various fields in the administration profession. Any professional out there who has the knowledge and expertise and is willing to join in the handbook development program is advised to contact us. To qualify for this exercise, one must have the necessary knowledge and work experience relevant to the field of interest. A proposal to participate, alongside a personal and professional profile should be sent to We will receive and review the applicant’s competence and qualification and respond accordingly.


ICA is also developing a number of course books to be used in the learning activities in the various tuition centers across Africa and beyond. The course books shall be distributed to all our members who are preparing to participate in learning and examinations. Like in the above, ICA is also inviting for partners to team up with in development of course books. This will be a joint venture between ICA and book authors. Interested persons are advised to contact ICA by attaching their academic and professional qualifications, and sending them to


ICA will continuously seek for areas of partnerships with institutions of higher learning, both locally and internationally, to boost our members’ access to hard copy and digital learning materials. Some of the links below leads to millions of free and downloadable online resources that can greatly boost our members’ learning activities:

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